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Your customers depend on you to provide a fast, friendly and consistent service. That’s why it’s important to set the stage for success with point-of-sale (POS) technology that delivers on your brand’s promise. Choosing the right system depends on what type of business you are running, whether it’s a bar, lounge, nightclub, casual or fine dining restaurant.

There are many factors to consider when trying to decide on the right system. Some business owners are concerned about quick turnaround while others are concerned with balancing sales. Either way, in order to have a clear picture of your operation, it’s very important that your business functions on some sort of POS system. It will provide you with the tools to drive sales, improve operational control and increase accuracy. It will enable you to make business decisions with greater confidence. Let’s have a look at what point of sale technology brings to the table.

The speed in which you serve your customers is key to the success of any high volume bar or restaurant. The graphical interface in a POS system drives throughput and accelerates the pace of service. The system allows the user to enter orders faster and more accurately because of the order flow laid out on the system. Depending on how customized your program is, POS technology allows you to configure product logo buttons for ease of use, second tier prices for specials on offer, quick tender buttons, split tab & split payment features, as well as integrated table management.

Gain control over your purchasing and out-of-stock situations by having an integrated POS system track all sales information. Using these reports to analyze sales and stock turnover will provide valuable information when operating a bar or restaurant. Numerous financial and service-related advantages exist for the company that manages to effectively control its inventory. These include leaner operations and reduced operational expenses.

Managing numerous open tabs can be a nightmare for a new bartender. A POS system simplifies functions saving time; therefore increasing turnover. It allows for easy browsing and quick movement though through tabs. Following an official point of sale process will set forth a protocol for all staff to handle multiple tenders and partial payments at checkout along with many other features.

POS technology provides users with detailed reports on sales, staff and business performance. Use this data to fine-tune menu design and promotions, make staffing decisions based on comparing your business’s performance against employees. Access to reports locally at each station or on the back room PC is another key feature of a POS system. Report data can also be exported for use in other reporting solutions.

There are many advantages of using a POS system on its own. But what really makes it remarkable is the type of support available in the event something goes wrong. System support isn’t just essential during times of crisis. You want a POS software partner who makes the installation and training seamless as well to ensure employees are completely comfortable using it. They need to be available for guidance through any updates or changes you may want to make as your restaurant.

Why do some bars and restaurants fail while others endure and become well established brands? It may be the food, service, atmosphere, location, or the buzz; either way there are hundreds of ingredients when it comes to creating a successful bar or restaurant. With that said, you can make operations easier and less time-consuming by choosing the right POS software. After all, you operate a restaurant because you love providing food and drinks, and you enjoy the business challenge of making it successful. You didn’t get into the industry because you wanted to become a computer software expert. Whether it’s through smooth daily operations or assistance in times of crisis, your POS software is one of the most critical ingredients in the success of any bar or restaurant.


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