Bar Business TT –
The best way to reach your target audience.

MISSION: Our mission is to glorify and highlight interesting facts about the stakeholders in the food & beverage industry. We feature stories on bartenders and mixologists, events, bars, restaurants, hotels and companies that are built on manufacturing, distribution and the sale of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

VISION: Our vision is to become the authority and premier publication in this category. Bar Business TT represents the commercial side of the bar business, discusses relevant information, review products, bars, drinks and suggest ways on improving and elevating your brands and establishments.

TARGET: A combination of restaurants, bars and establishments, manufacturers & distributors that provide equipment, supplies and services for the restaurants and retail outlets, wholesalers and retailers in the food and beverage sector, bartenders, mixologists, event planners and direct consumers. 

DISTRIBUTION: This magazine will be distributed to our audience across multiple channels (i.e. print, online, mobile & tablet.) The printed copy will be delivered to all the leading bars, restaurants, hotels and companies across Trinidad & Tobago while our online version will be marketed to a local, regional and international audience.

FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE: Through social media, Bar Business TT can now reach out to our audience and communicate directly as part of a wider network. In addition to the traditional methods of advertising, this channel is a main component of our distribution arm as this is how we intend to share information, market and promote our publication.
SOFTWARE: Bar Business TT has developed a software application specifically for use on small wireless electronic devices to ensure that our audience can enjoy the same reading experience as if it were a physical copy of the magazine.
CAMPAIGNS: Traditional advertising efforts revolved around billboards, newspapers, television and radio, we intend to fully utilize the Web to drive interaction and promotion.
PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS & VIDEO: Our content will be transmitted through professional photos, audio and video so it can be easily manipulated, distributed and viewed over many channels. The magazine’s website will also be continuously updated with every issue.