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On behalf of Bar Business TT, I attended the Decadence 2 event hosted by Alstons Marketing Company Limited (AMCO). This was my first time attending an Apothic event! As a lover of red wine, I was elated to see Apothic Red and Dark featured on the e-invitation and excitedly looked forward to it. On May 16th 2019, invited guests were taken on an Apothic sensory experience hosted at Drink Lounge & Bistro and The Loft Art Gallery.

To begin the memorable evening, guests were welcomed at Drink Lounge & Bistro by ambassadors wearing lace blindfolds. Upon entry, a glass of Apothic White wine was served. I thought it a very approachable smooth white blend. The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting to sip and mingle. Midway through my second glass, one of the Ambassadors approached me to follow her. I saw her do this with several others. We exited Drink and walked a few feet away to the bottom of a stairway. One at a time, we were blindfolded and guided up the stairs in single file. Thankfully, I arrived all in one piece at the top!

Guests removed their blindfolds and were led to a room with appealing décor. Mesmerizing guitar music was performed live by artiste Mr. Stephen Roach. All elements combined, the mood was perfect with a hint of intrigue.  Apothic is inspired by the “Apotheca,” a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe.  Apothic Red is a masterful blend, featuring rich Zinfandel, flavourful Syrah, smooth Merlot and bold Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietals that come together seamlessly, with layers of dark red fruit complemented by hints of vanilla and mocha. Guests were asked to smell the aroma jars on each table and then try to detect similar aromas in the wine. Juan Botero, regional manager, E&J Gallo Winery made an impressive presentation, explaining the intricacies of each blend and taking guests on a sensory journey with the Apothic Red and Dark blends.

Apothic Dark is a smooth and bold red blend that features fruit flavours of blueberry and blackberry, with luxurious notes of coffee and dark chocolate. “In darkness there’s a romance that draws one’s curiosity and puts into motion the desire to taste the unknown.” I thoroughly enjoyed the entire sensory experience at Decadence 2. Having now tasted three of the Apothic wines, I found Apothic Dark blend to be versatile and my personal favourite. I contacted some other guests who also attended the Decadence 2 and here’s what they had to say:


Alan Cabral – GM Island Beer Chill & Grill

The Apothic events I’ve attended have been very well put together and if I compared them, Decadence 2 had a bit more excitement. When reading the invitation I was curious and interested because all wines spark my interest.  I buy Apothic wine all the time usually by the case and, have been enjoying Apothic blends since I discovered it in Atlanta, before AMCO started to distribute locally. Very regularly I watch television while eating snacks and drink a glass of Apothic at home. Attending Decadence 3 next year is not even a question! Just give me the date and time! In my opinion Apothic is the best range of wines in Trinidad and I would like very much to try the Apothic Brew blend.


Fernan De Gannes – The Buzz Ltd.

I felt intrigued while going up the stairs having been blindfolded and was not familiar with the Loft Art Gallery. The temperature was warm but the overall sensory experience was unique, very well thought out and memorable. The décor was nice with good food, good wine, and good company. My favourite element of the event was being blindfolded, the jars with the aromas and dark chocolate. I preferred the Apothic Red and would drink it alongside eating beef, steak, or lamb but ideally, I prefer coffee with dessert.

Katrina Fisken – Webfx

It was the third time attending an Apothic event. Decadence 2 was my favourite so far! I definitely anticipated a lot of smells, colours and textures when reading the invitation which said it was a “sensory wine experience.” To go up the stairs, I had to persuade my guest who was skeptical of being blindfolded and entering the unknown until, I myself had to be blindfolded and, was a bit terrified. I was unaware of the art gallery above Drink Wine bar. I definitely had a good time and my favourite element was the live music which added a nice touch and the décor transformed the event.

I enjoy drinking Apothic wine while eating light snacks or having a full-on dinner party. After attending Decadence 1 which was a chocolate and wine pairing, I surely welcome having Apothic wine along with dessert and would definitely attend Decadence 3 next year! To maintain a memorable experience, the organizers could go even further with the sensory aspect by taking people out of their comfort zones.

Keith London 11 – Prestige Committee

Last year I attended the Decadence 1 event which wowed my taste buds and although I’m generally not so much of a chocolate lover, that chocolate was so good that the pairing of the two got me wired and completely activated my endorphins. Decadence 2 was more holistic and forced engagement. I wasn’t sure what to expect with a “sensory wine experience,” but, based on the first experience I knew it would be good! Going up the stairs blindfolded felt a bit strange but thrilling. Having to trust the person who was escorting forced the other senses to open up. I had no idea “the Loft” existed above Drink Wine bar as a venue. I had a good time for the most part and very much enjoyed the guitar music. Rating the overall impression of the event experience from 0-10 with zero being the lowest, I will give it a solid 7.5. Between the Apothic Red and the Apothic Dark, I prefer the Red.

Tevyn Gill – Entrepreneur

My favourite element was the tasting of all three blends wines and the opportunity to network. It was classy, organized and well put together for an overall great wine-tasting experience. Since attending Decadence 2, I buy Apothic wine regularly as my go-to wine. Of the Red & the Dark, I prefer the red blend and would eat anything alongside drinking Apothic Red as I’m not really a picky eater, however, it was a nice experience having Apothic wine along with dessert at the event. I would definitely attend Decadence 3 next year. The segmented interactive element was very enjoyable and got the attendees’ attention. AMCO will have to come really good for Decadence 3 to top this one.


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