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The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) today stands as a national focal point for innovation. We operate on the basis that “Innovation is Creativity Being Implemented” and that every individual possesses the innate ability to innovate.

It has been widely established in many societies and successful companies that diversity and a meeting of the minds at the intersection of innovation can facilitate idea generation. The process of implementation is not necessarily about large quantum leaps but rather small incremental stages.

In this regard, CARIRI ventured to bring together Diversity and Creativity with the introduction of our World Food Day 2017 celebrations on Saturday 23rd September2017 at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya. Every year, World Food Day is celebrated globally and focuses on a theme that underpins work done by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)and represents a key issue affecting the world.

Food is our common ground. Put more eloquently by Louise Fresco, “Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.

Our approach for this National festival is geared towards Inclusive Innovation, which is “More for Less for More”. Simply put more events and activities which promote innovation for more persons, in all areas of our society. This is exemplified in this year’s theme “Change the future of Migration: Invest in Food Security and Rural Development.”

By reaching out to different facets of society throughout Trinidad and Tobago under the umbrellas of food security and rural development to create a catalyst of Inclusive Innovation and sustainable Growth, our investments can harness the development of food security and also build resilience of communities throughout the nation.

Rural development can address factors that compel people to move by creating business opportunities and jobs for young people that are not only crop-based (such as small dairy or poultry production, food processing or horticulture enterprises). It can also lead to increased food security, more resilient livelihoods, better access to social protection, and reduced conflict over natural resources and solutions to environmental degradation and climate change. Agriculture and rural development can address issues such as rural poverty, food insecurity, inequality, unemployment and natural resource depletion.

The participation from rural areas was astounding as evidenced by the numerous proposals received for our Rural DevelopmentGrant Project.

The Alliance of Rural Communities of Trinidad and Tobago won the grant of $20,000 for their project on, “Utilizing the Cacao Sector to furtherHuman Development in Rural Communities.” The Communities which will benefit from this grant include Brasso Seco, Biche and Cushe, Grand Riviere, Matelot, Las Cuevas and Louis D’Or (Tobago). Another innovative proposal was received from Maria’s Country-Style Pastelles of the quiet community of Lopinot who was the recipient of a scholarship courtesy of CARIRI’s Business Hatchery.

L-R: Mr. Liaquat Ali Shah, Chief Executive Officer, CARIRI, Members of Alliance of Rural Communities of Trinidad and Tobago, Senator the Honourable, Clarence Rambharat, Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries.

Prior to this, the Minister delivered the feature address. In his speech, Senator Rambharat expounded on the need for greater involvement by both state enterprises and private companies in the thrust towards food security. He urged all persons present to take an active role in becoming more “food safe” through further education and by simply being aware of your environment.

Senator the Honourable, Clarence Rambharat, Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries.

Other speakers included Dr. Krystel Ramdathsingh who brought regards from the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government and Aurora Bitayson of CARIRI’s Business Hatchery Alumni, comprising Lyndi and Lynissa Jordan of La Fillette. Their presentation spoke on the innovative linkages in food security utilizing their business of organic artisan fruit wines and jellies as an example.

The program also featured the exclusive launch of Triniweenie Enterprises Limited, by local agro-entrepreneur and savvy businesswoman Mrs. Roxanne Omala. Triniweenie exemplifies local food innovation with her fish and vegetarian links that are made using 100% local ingredients and manufactured in the lovely town of Sangre Grande. Roxanne gave an inspirational speech on her struggles to overcome hurdles such as getting her product to market and praised the staff of CARIRI for their support throughout her journey. Her parting words were her slogan: “Triniweenie, the best weenie in Trini!

Mrs. Roxanne Omala, Owner of Triniweenie.

Closing off our formal ceremony was Marilissa Farms owned by successful businessman, Mr. Lincoln Thackorie. Though his core focus is construction, his true passion is animals as evidenced by his extensive farm in Penal. With literally thousands of goats, Mr. Thackorie has introduced pasteurized goat milk into the local market and has partnered with CARIRI in the development of several innovative goat milk products, such as Chocolate Goat Milk, which will launch in the near future.

After the formal proceedings, Senator Rambharat, alongside Mr. Shah, officially opened our exhibition area.Our exhibitors included our key sponsors Marlissa Farms and the Agricultural Development Bank alongside CARIRI’s Business Hatchery Alumni, EximBank, Blue Waters, Unit Trust Corporation, KC Candy, Arawak, RODCO, Cheesecake House, ARCTT, Eco Truffles, Nik Nak Sweet Shack, TriniWeenie, Ultimate flavors, Great Foods and Chatak Food Products. Seventy-five percent(75%) of the exhibitors were from Rural areas located throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

L-R: Mr. Wayne Inniss, Deputy Chairman, NAMDEVCO, Senator the Honourable, Clarence Rambharat, Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Mr. Liaquat Ali Shah, Chief Executive Officer, CARIRI, Mr. Vishnu Charran, President, Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce & Jessica Ramoutar, Marketing Officer, CARIRI

The celebrations also included CARIRI’s Food Safety Champion competition which included seven(7)teams battling it out for bragging rights as the ultimate Food Safety Expert. After two grueling rounds, Arawak Co. Ltd emerged as our 2017 Food Safety Champions with National Flour Mills coming in 2nd place.

Senator the Honourable Clarence Rambharat presenting the winners of CARIRI’s Food Safety Champion- Team Arawak with their trophy.

Their prizes were sponsored by Caribbean Airlines, Magdelena Grand, Grafton Beach Resort and Associated Brands.

The winners of our poster competition were also announced and included 12 winners (1st/2nd and 3rd) in our four categories which were 5-8,9-12, 13-15 and 16-19 years old. These prizes were sponsored by Mario’s Pizza, MovieTowne, Charrans Chaguanas and Chuck E. Cheese.

Chuck E. Cheese presented the prizes for the Poster Competition to the winners.

CARIRI would like to say a special THANK YOU to all the Ministries that supported, judges, sponsors, exhibitors, concessionaires, entertainers, competitors, staff members, volunteers and most importantly the general public for joining us in pioneering a food phenomenon. Your support and hunger for innovation is what constantly motivates us to continue to develop ideas and events such as this!

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