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A restaurant’s reputation and it’s ability to get repeat business is built on a number of factors that can influence the overall dining experience. Whilst the quality of food and drink you serve is clearly the most important element, the ambience also plays a key role. People want to come out and eat dinner in a pleasant, relaxing environment no matter what the weather conditions. Just as customer service and the way you look after your customers is important, making sure they are comfortable whilst they dine plays a big part in whether they will enjoy their evening and return again.

While some rum shops may opt for not having air condition, other bar owners need to consider selecting the right unit for their premises. Most authorities actually recommend using air conditioning, rather than opening windows, in order to reduce the amount of environmental pollution. Selecting the right air conditioning for bars and nightclubs will depend very much upon the location as getting the right size unit for the right space is crucial. Smoke is no longer an issue, but there is still a strong atmosphere which needs to be regulated with good climate control.

“Keeping your customers comfortable whilst they dine with you is going to help to ensure they have a great experience.”

Other areas where restaurants specifically, in particular, need to look at are kitchens and serving areas. These are often places where the temperature is much greater than in the rest of the building, and there will also be fumes and humidity which can affect the premises. In nightclubs, spotlights and DJ booths present similar problems, particularly concerning the amount of heat produced, and the potential for fumes. Government legislation, particularly those in health and safety, requires owners and companies to limit the risks connected to these hotspots by using air conditioning for bars and nightclubs to regulate the temperature.

Keeping your customers comfortable whilst they dine with you is going to help to ensure they have a great experience. One thing that is often important to customers is the décor in a restaurant and your air conditioning system can play a big part in this. Thankfully, modern air conditioning units and HVAC systems are designed to fit into many environments from the home to 5 star bars and restaurants so you can be sure there are options for air conditions to suit any requirement. If you are thinking about servicing or installing an air conditioning system in your bar or restaurant, give the experts a call and they can provide advice on the best system to suit your needs.

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