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The Harvi Life Perfect Pair Rehanna and Ravi Rampersad of Harvi Food & Beverage Ltd.

Harvi Food & Beverage Limited (“Harvi”) is a new venture with a plan to establish a foothold in the food and beverage industry. Operating as a marketing and distribution company for a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic premium drinks, they present their portfolio for direct sales at private events, caterers, restaurants, bars and hotels.

They additionally own and operate a unique range of mobile bar services to include a prosecco van, mobile cafe, cocktail bar and trike mini-bar service. These vehicles are outfitted with draft systems furnished with highly effective taps for dispensing prosecco (frizzante), wines, cocktails, premium beer and cold brewed coffee and tea. This diverse bar collection is the perfect extension to their traditional bar and catering services to accomodate any scale event.  Harvi also recently included dispenser units to raise the overall efficiency of bar services for large scale events, making premium mixed drinks quickly with less spillage for bar owners and party promoters to capitalise on.

Although the company has launched with a few core brands they will partner and host alongside other products as well as create its own locally fused products that will be easily enjoyed by the local palette.

The Harvi team will also commit to consumer promotions and informative campaigns for pairing their premium drink selection with the dramatic culinary range of our broadly diverse culture.

“We are passionate about the food and beverage sector and our ability to offer bespoke services, and importantly establish business relationships with our clientele and likeminded partners. Our plan is to grow our company into a well-recognized and respected player in the market based on our values and focus on quality and integrity in treating with our clientele, stakeholders and staff.”
Dr. Ravi Rampersad

The husband and wife team of Ravi & Rehanna Rampersad are geared to offering uniquely market relevant brands and quality service that are innovative options for beverage services to clientele for social and marque events.

Ravi has a background in Academia with a passion for the culinary world. The more reserved and contemplative of the two, he brings to the business a sophistication that is very much a part of what they do.  Rehanna comes from a property development background. Poetic, artistic and creative, she  brings a flair… a certain ‘fluto’ as the Italians say that lends itself to the more creative side of their venture. With dedication and passion they embarked on a journey to bring you something special. To them, it’s not about providing a service but forging a relationship with those whose paths they cross.

At Harvi, it is believed that every single moment should be embraced. Whether its traditional celebrations or those challenging moments, Harvi hopes to enhance it for a little more harmony.  True to this sense of balance, our founding members have a rooted interest in social improvement projects and look forward to exploring avenues of upliftment through annual Harvi events.

This brings an even larger service to the table, well beyond an excellent glass of bubbly or sophisticated cocktail.

Welcome to the Harvi Life! – Life on Purpose


Harvi Food & Beverage hosts events with a truly special mobile bar collection that will be a perfect extension to traditional bar and catering services for any scale event.  We also innovate in our food pairing to explore the rich tapestry of our diverse culinary expressions. Although our selection is for the exquisite palette, our rates are competitive and we can design a package to suit any budget. Let Harvi add the unique touch in celebrating your up-coming gatherings, be it weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events and even intimate proposals and date nights.


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