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We can all dream. Some of those dreams fade away and others, if we’re lucky, become reality. Over a hundred years ago, Don Carlos Siegert had a very special dream. His father had already founded Angostura® Aromatic Bitters, but his dream was about rum – he wanted to make the “smoothest blend in the new world.”

Many years have passed since then and the blenders from The House of Angostura® have realised that dream time and time again. Trained in original traditions, they’ve always maintained carefully guarded formulas and very special techniques. All Angostura® rums are aged in American oak casks, previously used to age bourbon. The interaction between liquid and oak resulting in an exceptionally mellow, well-balanced rum, with a smoothness that characterises each Angostura® blend and continually realises Don Carlos’ dream.

But the quest for the smoothest blends is a never-ending story, and in 2013 it was taken to another level with the launch of The Cask Collection. Celebrating the rich heritage and artistry of The House of Angostura®, it’s a limited edition range dedicated to rums matured in different types of cask.

Each expression within The Cask Collection goes by the description ‘No. 1’. Why? Quite simply because each is one of a kind – never to be repeated.

Back in 2013, came No. 1 – First Fill Bourbon, aged in charred oak bourbon casks. Two years later, in 2015, it was followed by No. 1 – French Oak, both winning the coveted title of Rum of the Year from the Rum Journal.

Now, in 2018, the story continues with No. 1 – Oloroso Sherry, which explores rum blends aged in American oak, then finished for nine more months in Oloroso Sherry casks – a first for The House of Angostura®.

No. 1 –  Oloroso Sherry is an elegant fusion of techniques learnt from the Old World and perfected in the New World. The colour is a beautiful amber with delicate clarity. It features warm, rounded aromas with a subtle nose of cocoa, molasses, oak and sweet prune.  As for the taste, it’s a delightful blend with hints of woodiness, roasted nuts and, of course, sherry, with a finish which is rounded and oaky. Importantly, it continues to beautifully realise the dream of Don Carlos Siegert, as an exquisite and silkily smooth, complex blend.

No. 1 – Oloroso Sherry is limited to just 16,200 bottles and, like its illustrious predecessors, it will never be repeated.

It’s a truly luxurious 40% rum from The House of Angostura®. Created to be enjoyed as a sublime sipping experience or gently opened up over a little ice. And as you raise the glass to your lips remember Don Carlos and join him in his dream.

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