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Drinks can be fashionable and trendy. Some trends die within a matter of months, while others live on indefinitely. There is no better example from a local perspective than the ever-enduring rum and cola, the world-famous concoction that dates back to early 20th century Cuba. Following the Spanish-American war, its popularity picked up feverishly across the United States and the Caribbean and had a marked effect on the 1970s mainstream pop song “Rum and Coca Cola.” It was written originally for a calypso song by Lord Invader and later copyrighted by US comedian Morey Amsterdam and performed by the Andrews Sisters. There is little doubt that the song impacted the tremendous worldwide rise in the popularity of rum and cola. In this article, we look at five drinks that are trending around the globe.

There is nothing remotely modern about craft beer. However, the consumption of craft beer in the US alone has increased 500 percent within the last decade, and there may be a number of factors to consider, some measurable and others intangible. The age group 18-30 accounts for the highest rate of increased consumption and with two-thirds saying that drinking craft beer “feels more special” than drinking regular beer and that includes its “premium image”.


2. WINE (On the Rocks)
Whether it’s a splash of Chambord, fresh raspberries or serving it on the rocks, sparkling wine has had a makeover. From Moët to Canti, dozens of Champagne, Prosecco and Cava producers are now producing wines specifically to be served with ice, and based on recent trends, this development in the market is here to stay.


Experts in the food and beverage industry are sharing this advice: if you think cocktails are too strong to pair with dinner, think again. As referenced time and time again in this and previous editions of Bar Business, pairing and mixing food with alcohol is becoming more the norm, further strengthening of the bond between the bar and the kitchen. These days, everything from oysters to steak can get find a good partner at the bar.


Again, pre-mixed drinks placed into barrel for weeks at a time aren’t exactly the newest innovation but it’s certainly trending now more than ever. The barrel changes the flavour and mellows the mix in the same way wines and spirits are aged. And this is well received by cocktail lovers who appreciate a twist. Examples include punches and prebatched rye Manhattans.


Many a casual drinker might find him/herself taking an extra moment to decide what to order at the bar. Many people are drinking less at a sitting or less frequently, or ordering the light beer, because they’re simply looking out for their health. The age of information has seen an influx of products marketed as low-carb, gluten-free and low calorie, all of which are trending and expected to stay on for a long time to come.




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