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We had the pleasure of meeting a young and brilliant chef and mixologist on his 23rd birthday, which he celebrated with his family and friends at the newly re-opened All Out Sports Bar and Gourmet Grill on Tragarete Road.

April 2018 Dale made the CUTT at the THRTA’s annual culinary competition ‘Making the CUTT,’ to be part of the 2018 Trinidad and Tobago National Culinary Team of which seven persons competed at the annual Taste of the Caribbean Competition held in Miami, Florida.

With the okay from GM Duane Govia, we put Dale to the test and asked him to demonstrate how to throw a cocktail. With little effort and in no time the superstar concocted for us an All Out Cosmo using the following:


  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 1oz Grand Manier
  • 1oz Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • Splash of Cranberry Juice
  • 1 Lime Wheel


Shaker tin, julep strainer & jigger

More than just to look cool, to throw a cocktail refers to the method of chilling and mixing a drink without diluting it too much, and is designed to aerate the drink which gives a textural element in a way that stirring and shaking can’t.

This somewhat forgotten method of throwing a cocktail is particularly effective when making drinks that are typically stirred and when using wine based ingredients such as vermouth and sherry, it releases aromatics.

To experience the benefits of throwing a drink, compare a stirred and thrown version of a Manhattan, Martini or Negroni. Here are the four simple steps to follow shared by Dale on how to throw a cocktail with ease and confidence!

Step 1
Ensure you have all your tools and ingredients.

Step 2
Pour all the suggested quantities of ingredients into one shaker tin and place the julep strainer on top. Fill the second shaker tin with ice.

Step 3
Secure the strainer over the cocktail filled shaker while holding the other tin with ice in the other hand and start pouring slowly and control the speed at which the liquid falls. Pour the partially mixed cocktail back into the first tin over the strainer and repeat the process four to five times.

Step 4
Pour into a suitable glass and garnish to suit, be creative!

Special thanks to All Out Sports Bar and Gourmet Grill, for providing the venue to witness Dale’s mixologist’s skills!

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94 Tragarete Road, Port-of-Spain
T: 622-6730

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