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For those who already have heart ailments, and others who either do not like the taste of alcohol or choose not to indulge for health or religious reasons, non-alcoholic wine might be the better beverage of choice as it offers practically the same health benefits as regular wine but studies show the natural antioxidant polyphenol and resveratrol contained in wine and non-alcoholic wine helps reduce blood pressure and is found to have cardiovascular, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits. Polyphenol relaxes the blood vessels which allows blood to reach the heart and other vital organs.

When alcohol becomes habitual or not consumed in moderation, it becomes both a health and social issue. Heavy and long-term drinking leads to alcoholism, which is commonly associated with health conditions including, brain damage and Alzheimer’s disease, organ failure, diabetes, obesity and premature aging.

Although non-alcoholic wine was first patented in 1908, it wasn’t until recent times, through technology, that some low alcohol by volume wines were finally able to be completely dealcoholised from less than 0.05 percent alcohol by volume to 0.00 percent alcohol by volume, allowing a new market of consumers such as pregnant women and Muslims.

In modern times, while cooking, various recipes involve reduction or braising, which calls for wine mainly to impart flavour. In certain recipes, alcohol is an essential component to achieve a chemical reaction in a dish, which cannot be experienced without alcohol interaction. For many others, however, non-alcoholic wines are a better substitute to cooking wines. Cooking wines are loaded with sodium, which detracts from flavor, while it adds a salty taste to the dish.  If alcohol is a key feature of a recipe, but you must avoid alcohol for one reason or another, the best bet is to use a completely different recipe, as the effects of using alcohol in a dish are rarely replicated by another ingredient.

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