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The term “rocks” refers to ice in the world of bartending. When someone orders a “Scotch on the rocks,” they are asking for a straight pour of “Scotch” served over ice. Any liquor can be served on the rocks. Expensive rums and scotches are most often ordered this way.

What does ice bring to liquor? When it dilutes ice opens up the spirit’s flavors and aromas. A few pieces of ice can replace a splash of water in your rum or scotch while cooling the drink at the same time. All ice are not created equal.

The average ice that your bartender scoops out of the bin to shakeup a mojito is not going to be the best choice for your scotch on the rocks. It is small, dilutes very quickly, and is not guaranteed to be made with the cleanest water.

The best ice for your scotch on the rocks is:-

  • Large.
    The more surface area an ice cube has, the slower it dilutes your drink. That is why ice balls and 2 inch ice cubes have become so popular in recent years.
  • Clean.
    Not only should ice be made with the cleanest water available, but it should be frozen away from things that could contaminate it. Something as simple as sealing ice trays in plastic bags can make a big difference if making ice in your home freezer.
  • An alternative to ice is whiskey stones.
    Made of materials like stainless steel or soapstone, these tiny cubes get ice cold in the freezer and can be added to any drink for an instant chill. You just have to remember to rinse them off after each use and refreeze them.

Source: Source: The Spruce

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