The people who make things happen!

Mr. Jason Grillet
Creative Director

Mr. Grillet brings an invaluable level of originality, creativity and imagination to the table. He has worked on small, medium and large creative campaigns that have successfully improved the flow of business and revenue for his clients. With over 29 years’ experience in Advertising and Publishing. Jason, also certified in Digital & Social Media Marketing takes a hands-on, innovative approach from conceptualization to realization, to ensure that our clients’ creative needs are met and often, times surpassed.

Ms. Giselle Gioannetti
Business Account & Social Media Manager

While certified in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Giselle possesses 17 years experience in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. Her duties and responsibilities are to manage BBTT’s social media channels, achieve sales objectives by servicing existing clients, prospect and engage new clients, identify marketplace opportunities, develop proposals, and manage the contract process.

Ms. Venus Pollard
Webmaster & Designer

In her 14 year career Venus has explored the Information Technology and Marketing industries, which has given her a multifaceted skill set in her dual roles as webmaster and designer, where she helps our beautiful magazine move from the physical to the digital world, while ensuring our website runs at maximum visual appeal and efficiency. She then makes our content social and loves engaging our social media community.