Pandemic forces restaurants to join bars and non-essentials in shutdown 0 2293

Written by: Giselle Gioannetti, Bar Busines TT

As the confirmed cases and deaths of Covid-19 continue to climb, all restaurants will officially be closed as of tomorrow, which includes curbside, pick up and home delivery.  Essential businesses such as electrical and plumbing stores, supermarkets, bakeries, fruit and vegetable vendors, corner shops and pharmacies will be closed to the public at the times 12 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm respectively.

From personal observation, maybe, just maybe if Trinbagonians were to be more disciplined at home and in public, and have some behavior or as we would say locally “brought-up-see” this may not have become entirely necessary and be a primary cause. In addition to the lack of adherence to rules and procedures by the members of the public, the government has been under pressure with regards to accusations of nepotism toward the businesses being selected and listed as essential versus non-essential.

For a nation with a serious love for fast food and notoriously known especially for the best KFC, we wouldn’t be surprised if they, in particular, make their mid-year quota in sales this one afternoon, as already the drive-throughs are full, and memes of jokes have already begun circulating on social media asking who’s buying fried chicken to freeze. Meanwhile, the sale and consumption of alcohol is on the rise as many people are trying their hand at cocktail making while at home. We’ve seen several live videos of some of our favourite local bar gurus explaining different types of alcohol and demonstrating for their viewers a featured beverage or cocktail. 

The longer it takes for everyone to follow instructions and stay at home, is the worse and longer the shut down will get. Let’s use Italy, and several states in the US for example New York City, for perspective as to where Trinidad and Tobago can head in just a few weeks to come. Today, it has been stated by the Prime Minister, that the government would distribute masks to all members of the public as wearing a mask is now mandatory, once outdoors.

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