Q&A: Island Beer Chill & Grill 0 1977

How many locations do you have?

We have two locations. Our first is our One Woodbrook Place branch and the second is our South Park branch.

Are you open on Sundays and Public Holidays?

Yes, we are open everyday at both locations. Opening hours vary, check out our Facebook Page or Instagram (@islandbeerchillandgrill) for specific hours.

Do you sell drinks other than beer?

Of course we do! We serve Rum, Vodka, Scotch, as well as various traditional cocktails, shots, wine, flavoured drinks and in-house beer/cocktail creations.

Do you serve draft beer?

We offer over 36 different beers including ciders on draft with 28 available at any one time. Come in and try a refreshing, crisp beer of your choice right off the tap.

Where are your beers from?

We carry beers from around the globe. The countries include: Mexico, England, India, Germany, Argentina, China, Jamaica, Japan, Canada, U.S.A and of course all locally made beers.

Do you show live sports?

We show all major sporting events and championships live such as: football, basketball, boxing, tennis and golf to name a few. If there is something in particular you would like to see, you can request it on one of our many screens, based on your preference and availability.

Do you cater to large groups or events?

We have a team in place that can facilitate special requests and prepare packages to suit your needs.

Where did the idea come from for Island Beer Chill and Grill?

Owner Joe Pires “As a teenager my Dad always carried me to a smoked meat restaurant whenever we visited Miami. I grew up loving smoked meats but recognized that Trinidad didn’t have an authentic smokehouse that uses wood instead of liquid smoke.

When we acquired Island Beer Imports a company that imported beers from England it made sense to marry the beers with my love of authentically wood smoked meat…hence the name Island Beer Chill and Grill.”

How did you decide on the venue of your second branch?

After visiting quite a few locations we felt South Park had what we needed in terms of location and parking. We also knew that customers from south & central Trinidad were tired of having to drive to Port of Spain for the Island Beer Chill and Grill experience.

Tell me about the overall business strategy?

Owner Joe Pires “We want to franchise Island Beer Chill and Grill to any country where there is a presence of Caribbean people and culture, particularly where cricket is played.

With over 120 beers of which 28 are on tap we will focus on beers produced within the Caribbean region. We anticipate our first regional franchised store will open in 2018, at present we have interests in Guyana, Jamaica, Grenada, St.Martin and Barbados.

What’s unique about your food menu?

Of course our smoked meats are our highlight. We slow smoke our Beef Brisket for 15 hours, Baby Back Ribs for 8 hours and Bacon Wrapped Wings, which are smoked for a few hours before we deep fry them… they are a crowd favourite!

What are your plans for the future?

Owner Joe Pires, “We wish to grow by at least one franchise a year for the next 2-3 years and by 2025 we anticipate that Island Beer Chill and Grill will have locations in Trinidad (3locations), Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, Bahamas, Antigua, Miami, NYC, Toronto and London.

By 2030 we want to be in the Cricket playing countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and South Africa as they are aware of theCaribbean thanks to the West Indies Cricket team and we hopefully will be a major sponsor to the team by then.”

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