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What is 100% Fat Boy?

100% Fat Boy is a premium brand of pure coconut water grown and bottled in the Caribbean Region.

Why the name?

When we were doing testing we found ourselves repeatedly referring to the iconic bottle as the ‘fat boy’ bottle and just like that, the name stuck.

Where is it from?

Our coconut water comes from coconuts grown, harvested and bottled on private estates in the Pomeroon region of Guyana. The lands are fertile, the soil is rich and the region as a food source is simply magical.

Who distributes it?

We work closely with multiple distributors with cold chain experience in each of the different territories. In Trinidad, for example, our distributor is Iceland Distributors which is the premier manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice on the island.

As a pure and natural product how do you get Fat Boy to the market without going bad?

Fat Boy is 100% unaltered and pure coconut water; that is to say, there are no additives or preservatives making it very difficult to maintain quality and consistency from the Tree to you. After harvesting coconuts, we extract, bottle and immediately freeze our coconut water. The journey from our coconut estates to your nearest retailer is a long and interesting one having to cross three bodies of water and three masses of land while maintaining sub-zero temperatures every step of the journey. I’d let you in on a little intel – The absolute secret ingredient in pure coconut water handling is cold chain management, but shhhhh…let’s keep that our little secret.

What is the shelf life?

Once frozen, we give our coconut water a 6 month shelf life conservatively. Once thawed and kept in a properly chilled environment, the coconut water can last up to 10 days before the quality deteriorates.

What are some of the benefits of coconut water?

Google can answer that! [smile] But I will say that pure coconut water is and will ever be the ONLY 100% pure and natural drink to contain a multitude of health properties that are nutritious and core to a healthy lifestyle. Simply put, coconut water is one of mother natures best kept gifts to the human race.

What’s the best mixer for 100% Fat Boy?

Thats a hard one…Fat Boy good with Scotch, but it good with Rum, and it bess with Vodka. I can’t decide; I think it’s safe to say that Fat Boy good with anything!!

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