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Devon Samlalsingh has been involved in agriculture since 2012. From designing and building small scale modular aquaponics and hydroponic systems, to consulting for agriculture projects, Devon has vast experience, which also includes beekeeping and agroforestry.  However, he ventured into mixology eight months ago and has found fulfillment, in bringing his multi-faceted talents and passions from the garden to glass.

Green bartending involves producing mixed beverages in a sustainable way to avoid wastage. It is taking a step out of the box and the regimen we all have and thinking about how it can be done more effectively.

Samlalsingh follows the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We all know the impact of straws and stirrers, perhaps we should ask ourselves if we need them, and do they need to be replaced with every visit to the bar?

Oleo-saccharum is a great example of a reusable ingredient, which would otherwise be thrown away and added to landfills. Oleo-saccharum is a cocktail ingredient, which is produced by placing fruit rind onto sugar, which draws the oils to produce a flavourful syrup.  Samlalsingh also collects plastic and glass bottles on a regular basis. The iCARE bins placed around the country help make it easier for the public to get involved in recycling.  In most cases, approaching the bar business from a sustainable viewpoint can diminish wastage, increase profits and promote a greener environment.

Food scraps can be composted and herbs can be grown. Cooking oil can be collected and disposed of responsibly, utilising the special services available to restaurant and bar owners.

Samlalsingh offers unique signature cocktails made with homegrown, pesticide-free ingredients. The service is especially fitting for private parties and upscale events.

Samlalsingh’s biggest highlight thus far was being featured at the Cocktail Club during the Speakeasy Jazz events.  The concept incorporated the idea of patrons bringing their own alcohol with which cocktails were prepared on-site using cocktail club syrups. “I had a blast,” Samlalsingh said. “Especially because people brought ingredients I’ve never used before. I tweaked my recipes to their particular liking. The only hard part was trying to remember everyone’s signature cocktail.”

Try these alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes courtesy, the Green Bartender:


1.25 oz Cocktail Club Turmeric Chai Syrup
1.5 oz Tequilla
2 wedges of lime

Muddle, Shake, Double strain. Garnish with Water Hyacinth flower




1.5 oz Cocktail Club Greentea
Peach Lychee Syrup
1 wedge of lime
1oz cranberry juice

Muddle, Shake, top with tonic water. Garnish with a mint sprig

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