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TT RideShare offers an enterprising service through the hindsight of some industrious young entrepreneurs…

Are you frustrated by endless hours wasted in traffic? Do you want to avoid having to look for a parking spot or are you concerned about being towed away? Do you need a safe and secure ride to a party or to the airport?

Here are some ways TT RideShare can assist. Established in June, 2018, TT RideShare has filled a gaping void in the local transportation sector by offering real-time private transport services with a reasonable price structure. Co-founder Jude Andre Legendre explained that TT RideShare functions on a sophisticated but simple to use mobile application, which can easily be downloaded on your smartphone. The app prompts and guides the customer, linking them to the nearest available driver.

Clients can easily enter their pick-up and drop-off location and receive an estimate for the cost of their ride before hiring the service. Once a driver accepts a ride, the client is provided with his name, photo, vehicle licence plate and the ability to track his progress to your pick-up location on the app. Earlier this year, TT RideShare added a credit card payment feature to the app, which further compliments the convenience of paying for the ride after the trip ends.

There are three categories of rides available through TT RideShare, with regular point A-to-B rides starting from TT$25. A ride is calculated with a combination of distance (per kilometre) and time (per minute), along with a base fare. A typical ride from Diego Martin to Port of Spain would cost in the vicinity of TT$35-50. This equitable price range makes the service ever the more attractive to commuters. Customers have answered favourably by utilising the service for night and weekend entertainment as the designated driver of choice.

Another option offers more exclusive vehicle models for a slightly higher rate, while the third – Regular Plus – offers larger vehicles for up to six people. Instead of a per-person fare, the cost covers use of all passenger seats. How is that for value? The service can be accessed any day, any night with over 500 registered drivers in the ever-growing system. “We screen and pre-approve all our drivers and their vehicles for the safety and security of our clientele,” Legendre said. The service has also created a niche for employment and earning auxiliary income for many households.

Legendre added that many of TT RideShare drivers have benefitted from an increase in usage, while customers express their confidence in its quality, reliability and safety track record over the past year of operations.

TT RideShare is changing the outlook on business through its optimisation of virtual portals, linked with real-life necessities and uplifting the quality of lives as they move, work, and embrace life, safely. “We are filling a notable gap while benchmarking our service,” Legendre added. “The best industrial practices, knowledgeable, polite and efficient drivers, along with safety, are TT RideShare’s priorities, while we continuously improve and innovate for our customers and drivers’ benefit.”

In our spotlight Q&A with TT RideShare, here’s what they had to say:

BBTT: What spurred the idea to establish TT RideShare?
TT RideShare: The idea of TT RideShare was conceptualised to address a major demand for a ride-sharing service in Trinidad & Tobago. Many commuters and drivers depended on a service such as this and with the departure of an international conglomerate, a void was left, which we decided to fill.

BBTT: Can you cite some of the major services offered by TT RideShare?
TT RideShare: TT RideShare offers transportation services for a minimum of one person or maximum of six people based on the ride type they choose. We allow customers to request a driver via our mobile application. Our application will pair the rider with the closest possible driver.

BBTT: What are your services most utilised for?
TT RideShare: Customers utilise our services for diverse reasons. Anywhere you can think of going with a vehicle, we will take you there. Airport, beach, nightlife, work and your general day- to- day activities are covered. For example, grocery or mall shopping, hair salon, bank or doctor (are within reach).

BBTT: What are the main benefits of utilising TT RideShare?
TT RideShare: The main benefits of utilising TT RideShare is convenience, affordability and safety. In just three clicks within our application, a vehicle can be at your location in minutes. You are picked up and dropped directly to your destination. Whether it’s a single person or a group of friends, the fare may be shared for the added economy. Cash or credit cards are accepted. There are many in-app safety features. For example, customers can share trips with their families and friends; call the police (the application is pre-programmed to dial 999) or enable ‘Emergency Mode,’ which instantly notifies your predefined emergency contacts via SMS that something is wrong. Your emergency contacts are provided with a live link to track your location as well as the driver’s name, photo and license plate. Your emergency contacts will also have the option of calling you or the driver. TT RideShare is also immediately notified when a customer enables emergency mode.”

BBTT: So I want to sign on you’ve convinced me… how do I get started? How does it work?
TT RideShare: “You can download our application from the Google Play Store or Apple App store by visiting to go through the simple sign-up process. You will then be able to request a driver by entering your pick up location and destination.”

BBTT: How do you see your app service evolving?
TT RideShare: We receive valuable feedback from riders and drivers on new features they would like to see in the app. We have a lot of room for growth. Some riders are even suggesting a food delivery option within the app! Who knows?

BBTT: Briefly, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs like yourself?
TT RideShare: Nothing worth having comes easy. Running a startup takes a lot of hard work, a lot of hours, sacrifice and dedication.

BBTT: What is the cost range for using TT RideShare?
TT RideShare: “Our fare structure for our regular service is as follows: Base fare: $12.00 TTD, per km: $1.50 TTD, Over 20km: $3.00 TTD, per minute: $1.00 TTD, minimum fare: $25.00 TTD. A trip from Hyatt to Movietowne will cost $25 TTD, while a trip from Hyatt to Piarco International Airport can range between $90 TTD – $100 TTD. The fare estimate is visible on the app before booking the ride. To see a fare estimate directly in the app, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your pick up and drop off location.
  2. Hit the “Ride Options” button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Press the “Get Fare Estimate” to get your estimate.
  4. Request your ride by pressing the red button with the white car icon.

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