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Rhulus Vert Ltd. is a social enterprise involved in the research, manufacture and distribution of sustainable and non-toxic products for eco-conscious businesses operating in the catering and hospitality industries.

Single-use plastics and polystyrene are not only long-term pollutants at the forefront of a worldwide ecological crisis, but are created using materials and processes that are toxic to humans, wildlife, and the environment.

In 2016, Rhulus Vert Ltd. founders vowed to find sustainable alternatives for useful, convenient products that are fit-for-purpose and visually appealing without harming our one and only planet.

They work with renowned and trusted companies worldwide such as Verterra to bring to the Caribbean a comprehensive product list of safe and ecological products. Their current product list includes flatware, cutlery, and food packaging – the perfect products for eco-conscious caterers, hoteliers, grocers, bakers, chocolatiers, supermarkets, brewpubs and many more.

It takes a village to raise a child and they want as many businesses, organisations, and enterprises to join the fight against single-use plastics by making the switch to sustainable products and materials. If you are passionate about supplying your partners, clients, and customers with safe, practical, organic alternatives to your current products and materials, Rhulus Vert Ltd. can help advise and manage a smooth and efficient transition.

Green Conscious

They supply businesses throughout the Caribbean who are passionate about using safe, useful, sustainable products to promote a healthy planet. Rhulus Vert Ltd. is committed to helping Caribbean businesses to become leaders in their respective industry by transitioning to environmentally-friendly products.

Sustainable and Non-Toxic Products

The company’s flagship VerTerra palm leaf dinnerware was innovated in 2006, and has been awarded dozens of times for its unmatched quality. Dinnerware is created solely from unused fallen palm leaves and water; and without any chemical coatings, waxes, dyes or additives. No trees are ever harvested or cut down for this line. Elegant but durable, these products are microwave and oven safe, and can handle hot and cold food, liquids, and oils.

VerTerra’s balsaware is perfect for boxed lunches, drop-off catering, gifting and amenities. Made of leftover balsa wood, rice paper liner, their sleek and stylish to-go boxes meld functionality and sustainability, and enhance any food service. The range inculdes collapsible boxes, fixed sided boxes, Click-and-Lock boxes, along with Verterra’s patent-pending chef boards, everything you need for caterering and home entertaining.

And that’s not all! VerTerra has worked to design the perfect wooden cutlery by using ridging and darting to enhance strength and prevent breakage. They also use a bake-in proprietary confectionery glaze to eliminate the wood taste other similar products have. Simply put, they work: sturdy, durable, and designed to preform like permanent products.

Healthy & Safe

At Rhulus Vert Ltd, we have a responsibility not just to the health of the planet, but its citizens, too. Our products are entirely non-toxic and safe for single and long-term use.

Environmentally Friendly

Our product range will only ever use sustainable materials and manufacturing methods. Where possible, we will seek to use 100% natural and compostable resources.

Practical & Useful

We understand that commercial products must be fit-for-purpose above all else if they are to succeed. We commit to researching and manufacturing sustainable alternatives which do the job you need them to do!

Profitable but Affordable

Rhulus Vert Ltd pledges to be profitable so we can grow and offer our products to more customers. But we also ensure our range is always affordable for our clients and their customers.

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