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The energetic duo of Dwayne Daniels and Daryn Gibbes has created waves as they juggle, throw, pour and serve up their delightful cocktails at their respective workplaces. However, if you wish for a private session at a party or event, then Tapsterz has the perfect solution, one which comes with added flair. The art of flair bartending which emerged in the early 1980s incorporates the skillful manipulation of bar tools, bottles and shakers to entertain guests and bar clientele with dazzling showmanship, not usually associated with a bar. It is, however, most definitely a stylish way to enjoy a cocktail.

Dwayne is the reigning 2018 Flair Bartending Champion. Daryn, however, placed third and intends to compete against his colleague for this year’s event, which is carded to take place in September. Tapsterz is taking flair to a whole new level as the two trained professional mixologists juggle and exchange bottles, in a mesmerizing show for the patron. Flair comes with its very own terminology, which sounds like a second language. You may overhear the flair prompts, which include pumps, rolls, taps, switches and flash moves. What better way to punctuate the ‘over-the-counter’ bar experience?

What does it take to flair? “One needs to be in tune with the bottles and tools with the precision of a musician, playing the piano,” Daryn advised. “Our sequences require the skill of a juggler, patience and practice.”

Flair bartending certainly hypes up the volume and velocity of the party or event for a truly invigorating and interactive experience for guests.  When next you visit TGIF or Casillero del Diablo bar at La Cantina Pizzeria you may witness flair bartending in full regalia. There’s nothing like flying bottles in the spirit of fun.

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The Language of Flair:

  • Palm Spin: Rotating an object 360 degrees at the centre of your palm.
  • Stalls: Balancing an object on any part of the body, such as the forearm, elbow, shoulder and leg.
  • Taps: Tapping or hitting an object, utilising your body to rotate or re-direct it in mid-air.
  • Bumps: Bouncing an object off a part of the body, such as the forearm, elbow and leg.
  • Rolls: Allowing an object to roll down or across the body, arms, chest or back.
  • Shadow Pass: A no-look catch, while throwing an object from one side of the body to the other, behind the head.

For more information on Tapsterz,  Contact: Daryn Gibbes – 1-868-383-7023


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