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To many bar & restaurant owners, service is the primary asset of their brand. To others, service is no longer the main priority, quality; value, speed and accuracy are the most important parts of the transaction.

For anyone who is serious about making their business successful, it’s imperative to realize the importance of customer service. It’s not just about the customer always being right. It’s about the way you treat your customers. You should treat them like you’d treat your family.

By talking down to them or not making them feel valued is not going to help you build your business. It will actually do the opposite. Customer service is going out of your way for your clients and showing them that extra effort you make to show them how much you appreciate their business.

There is a common saying in the beverage industry that states “People will come for food and drinks, but what makes them come back again is the service!” While the menu, value, décor and cleanliness all play a part, it’s customer service and hospitality that makes that memory positive and drives loyalty and repeat business.

People will come for food & drinks, but what makes them come back again is the Service

So what are some key points to remember in customer service? Here’s some tips to follow:-

1. Build Trust
People will only be loyal to a bar or restaurant if they have a very good reason.Otherwise, there so many other options available. By providing the best in customer service, you will increase trust, and that could mean the difference between customer loyalty and customers who you will never see again.

2. Strengthen your Brand
Excellent customer service will ensure that your reputation is protected and it will add tremendous value to your brand. Word of mouth is the most powerful asset that you can have on your side. If one person believes in your brand rest assured others will follow.

3. Repeat Business
Existing customers are far easier to attract than new customers as they have a positive experience in which to make a decision.

4. Reduce problems
Treat your customers poorly, and you can almost be certain that you’ll run into problems at one point or another. Treat you customers with care and dedication. You will notice that everything will move forward.

5. Increase life expectancy
Only four out of every 100 businesses go beyond the 10-year mark. When you ignore the needs of your customers, you’re cutting short the potential for longevity in business. With so many obligations and responsibilities, if you’re serious about your business, you must focus on your customers. Without them, you have no business!

Keep these points in mind when running your company and watch your business grow. Excellent customer service is a by product of excellent leadership, and no one knows that more than those in the food & beverage industry.

Source: Entrepreneur

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