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Its not just another temporary job!

The face of bartending is changing. Twenty years ago, people got into bartending as a way to earn extra income while they try to pursue another career. To many, it was considered a temporary
position until they got that perfect job they’ve always been looking for.

That rationale seems to be changing. Today, more people are entering the industry seeking a career in hospitality and customer service. To grow in this type of market, you must first start thinking of the job as an art form rather than a basic discipline because it takes time and experience to perfect your craft. Pouring a rum & coke is easy, but bartenders also have to make many complicated cocktails from around the world.

A bartender is someone who formulates and serves all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Therefore, your bartender must have knowledge of the ingredients, demonstrate serving techniques, and execute recipes of popular cocktails.

With the rise in the number of bars and restaurants in Trinidad & Tobago over the last two decades, bartending plays a pivotal role when formulating the overall theme and strategy of your business. Variety, atmosphere, customer service, and quality drinks are what customers remember, and it wouldn’t hurt if your bartender show some sort of finesse when serving your drinks. Execution, presentation and taste are what will create that experience people look for in a “fancy” bar, restaurant or lounge.

According to the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR), despite an overall reduction in alcohol consumption with consumers in developed countries, global spirits sales were up by 4.4% in 2016 as a result of more premium offerings created by imaginative and creative bartenders.

A recent publication, ‘Cocktails: The New Golden Era’, claims that public perception of bartenders has changed. This report, which was commissioned by Pernod Ricard mentioned, “The work the bartending community has done to earn the respect and trust of consumers has seen their position in society shift, with the cocktail bartender role being seen as a viable career option rather than a temporary gap-filler.”

This shift has also attracted more “educated and entrepreneurial types” to the profession. There are many more opportunities for bartenders today. They can decide to stay behind the bar building a reputation, or shift into owning a bar, marketing, or starting their own business. Bartending is not as simple as it sounds; do your research, get experience, focus on your strengths and find the right levels of motivation to succeed.

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