Crippling effects of uncertainty and job loss from global pandemic 0 2323

Written by: Giselle Gioannetti

Today is the two-week mark since the official announcement of the Covid-19’s arrival in Trinidad and Tobago, and the number of confirmed​ positive​ cases now stands at 61.

The pandemic has affected many sectors worldwide and unfortunately, this includes the food and beverage, hospitality and tourism industries which are responsible for the employment of millions of people globally. While some establishments understand that their staff and not just their business is at stake, others have already thrown their hands in the air. As mentioned in our last article Covid-19 Shuts Bars Down in T&T, some restaurants who offer take away and delivery service have a better chance of surviving the unknown, over the stand-alone bars which have been completely shut down.

Not even one month has passed and already jobs have been lost with many more on the brink of living on the breadline, across the board, and not just in the food and beverage industry, resulting in another shift of consumer behavior, one of penny pinching and bargain purchasing due to the overall lack of disposable income and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Bar Business TT would like to salute Zanzibar and Kaizan for the selfless and employee focused initiative, saying that all proceeds from their pick-up and deliveries will go directly to their staff. Understandably every establishment may not be in a position to stay open for the betterment of their workers, but for those who can, it speaks volumes. While we are dedicated to glorifying the bars and restaurants in T&T, our support, and dedication to those of the frontline who serve as the backbone of these establishments, is no different.

The following are links to articles titled Rude Awakenings and Uncertainty and Staring into the abyss… It blinked both written within the past two days from a stalwart employee of the food and beverage sector, expressing not just the financial implications of job loss but more so, the emotional and gutted feeling of being suddenly stripped away from a role which involved much passion, dedication and self-sacrifice since their entry into the hospitality industry over a decade ago.

We welcome all manufacturers, distributors, bar and restaurant owners, hotels and guest houses, bar managers, bartenders, chefs and waitresses to share with us your positive or negative experiences, since the advent of Covid-19 in T&T.

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