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To develop for the Hospitality and Tourism industry, human resources capable of delivering quality products and services at international standards of excellence.

TTHTI’s Notable Achievers

Daniyel Jones

  • 2011 and 2012 National Bartender of the Year;
  • Taste of the Caribbean 2011 and 2012 –
    Winner – Best rum cocktail;
    Winner – Best vodka cocktail;
    Gold winner – Most creative cocktail;
    Gold winner – Mystery bar;
  • 2013 Angostura Global Competition – Winner;
  • Global Ambassador with House of Angostura.

Clinton Ramdhan

  • 2017 Taste of the Caribbean – Gold winner in the category of Caribbean Bartender of the Year; Special Award – Best Vodka drink.
  • 2016 Marie Brizard Masters Cocktail competition – Winner of the Trinidad & Tobago leg.
  • Represented Trinidad & Tobago as a member of the National Culinary Team in 2013, 2016 and 2017.

Bernard Glaude

  • Owner and Manager of Belvedere, a top Restaurant and Bar located in Australia.

Jordan Cox

  • 2017 Making the CuTT Competition – Special award – Best Rum Drink.
Iron Chef CompetitionIron Chef CompetitionIron Chef Competition
Iron Chef CompetitionIron Chef CompetitionTaste ofCarnival 2017
Taste ofCarnival 2017Marketing Initiative at Movietowne, POSMarketing Initiative at Movietowne, POS
Marketing Initiative atMovietowne, POSJordan Cox – Making the CuTT Awards Ceremony 2017Jordan Cox – Making the CuTT Awards Ceremony 2017
Taste ofCarnival 2017Taste ofCarnival 2017Clinton Ramdhan –Taste of the Caribbean 2017

The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute
Food & Beverage Programme

The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI) prides itself as the premier training and development institution in the hospitality, and food and beverage sectors of the tourism industry of Trinidad and Tobago. Its curricula seeks to enrich students’ academic life preparing them for the world of work. The Beverage curricula of TTHTI, comprises three courses: Introduction to Bar Service; Wine Education; and Beverage Management. Current trends in bartending require extensive and adaptable courses that capture modern cocktail trends within the parameters of classic cocktail methodologies. The curricula at TTHTI meet those challenges giving students the skill sets, the knowledge and the abilities required to function effectively within different bar structures.

TTHTI boasts of having the most experienced, competent, and knowledgeable lecturer responsible for the education and training of students in the field of Bartending. He has won many awards and accolades during his eight (8) year tenure as a bartender, as well as conducting training workshops throughout the Caribbean for The House of Angostura and the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA).

He has fulfilled his two (2) year period (2004-2005) on The Trinidad and Tobago National Culinary Team, with him being the Caribbean Bartender of the Year in 2005 and being inducted into the CHTA Hall of Fame.

With distinguished passion, he is also a trainer for all bartenders on The National Culinary Team, all of whom have done extremely well in major bar competitions and are industry professionals in their own right.
Besides his many accomplishments as an award winning mixologist and distinguished beverage trainer, he also focused on his academic growth and development, being the holder of a Master of Science in Project Management, attained from the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Currently he is a Senior Beverage Judge for Taste of the Caribbean and has been a presiding judge for the past eight (8) years. It is his career goal to specialize and excel in Food and Beverage operations and also professionally evolve as a lecturer in this area of specialization. He sees his future role as making the TTHTI a premier learning and developmental organization in expanding the growth of the tourism and hospitality sectors of Trinidad and Tobago.

He is a strong advocate for the diversification and paradigm shift of the local economy towards growth in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors, where he believes Trinidad and Tobago has a cultural and geographical comparative advantage for sustained long-term growth. It is in this capacity he strongly advocates for TTHTI to be the conduit and main facilitator, given its educational offerings and training initiatives.

The Bar Service course emphasizes the essentials of effective bar service for the contemporary food and beverage operation, with an orientation towards the responsible service of alcohol in a professional manner. Core areas covered in the course include; proper use and care of glassware, bar tools and equipment, beers and wines & spirits, classic cocktails, contemporary cocktail trends, and professional mixology techniques. All those areas, on completion, allow the bartender to be highly creative and innovative.

The Wine Education course introduces students to the main grape varieties and to wine making regions of the Old and New World. Students explore the major categories and styles of wine, with an emphasis being placed upon the wine’s appearance, aroma and flavor. Students are also given practical experience in pairing wines with food menus, wine etiquette and storage conditions.

The Beverage Management course focuses on the management of bars and beverage operations, with strong emphasis on strategic planning and financial performance for customer-driven beverage operations, while maintaining management control and foresight of beverage control systems.

All aspects of the curricula allow students of bartending to meet the demanding challenges of the marketplace in a professional manner. At TTHTI, Bartending is a profession with specialized knowledge and intensive academic and practical training in cocktail history, product knowledge, responsible bar service, human psychology, style and flair, legal responsibilities and beverage management.

We focus on training students in exceptional service so that patrons they serve can leave with satisfaction when they recognize that the bartender is knowledgeable and able to expertly mix drinks. Our graduates learn that the making of the perfect cocktail requires a bartender’s intention, interaction with guests and communication to build rapport and trust. The spirit of the age of bartending has truly evolved and shifted, and so too has TTHTI’s beverage curricula in order to be relevant in meeting the changing needs of the industry.

Quotes from Current Students

Leanne Richardson: “Bar Service was a very informative course and we got to experiment with Beers, Wines and Spirits. My most memorable experiences were when we went on The House of Angostura Tour and when I obtained my Membership Card from Solera Ltd.”

Dennis Ishak: “What I enjoyed most about TTHTI’s Bar Programme was learning how to mix these beautiful classic cocktails, and also it made me acquainted with the easy and logical way of mixing cocktails during my student internship.”

Ronaldo Auguste: “The most enjoyable part of the bar class was learning about the different styles of bar service and the different ways in which you can create a cocktail. What I really benefited from bar class was the in-depth product knowledge and how easy making a cocktail really is.”

Jordan Cox: “As a current student, the Food & Beverage programme afforded me personal and professional development since I won best Rum Cocktail as a runner up to The Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Association selection of The National Culinary Team of Trinidad and Tobago in 2017. Also, both the Wine Service and Beverage Management programmes afforded me the entrepreneurial opportunity to start my own bar service company.”

Yohance Dickson: “All areas of TTHTI’s beverage curricula instilled within me the confidence to not only represent the Institute at various cocktail competitions, but also to assist in the marketing initiatives at the various Mall Tours in the Institute’s recruitment drive for new students.”

The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI) also offers a number of short courses under the Bar Programme which includes:

  • Bar Service Skills
  • Professional bartending
  • Advanced Mixology
  • Bar Management
  • Wine tasting seminar

To date TTHTI has certified 600 plus persons exploring the field of bartending since the introduction of its short courses in 2009.

For more information please contact 634-2144 X4005 or 4022

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